The Best Wakesurf Boats for 2017

Since the polar bear event has started in 2010, it has been a search for the best wakesurf boats. A search for a boat that didn’t just make a wave that looked great on a brochure, but a great wave that a few dozen wake surf enthusiasts could get excited about for a weekend in October. Every year, one or two boats always seem to stand out over the others. Things are changing, manufacturers understand how important a great wave has become to buyers and they just keep making them better. This year, we had 4 new boats and one hold over from last year that all make outstanding waves. Most people could be happy with any of the waves on these boats, yet each wave was unique. This is so great for potential wake surf boat buyers, so many GREAT choices!

Centurion Ri257

While all of the boats made great surf waves, each was still unique and had its own distinctive qualities. The Centurion RI 257 was by far the longest boat of the group at 25 feet 7 inches weighing in at almost 6200 lbs before ballast and gear.  This boat was setup with about 6000 lbs of mostly water ballast and the best surf wave was achieved at just under 12 mph.  The boat ran a bit bow high because this boat likes the weight in the back and was light up front. Put that all together and you have the longest surf wave from a production boat that I have seen to date.

So if you can afford this behemoth and you want to see what it is like to surf in a different zip code than the driver, this boat is what you are looking. Have lots of friends? The RI 257 will fit all your peeps, and you can invite their neighbors as well.

Correct Craft Nautique G23

The Super Air Nautique G23 was first introduced in 2012 by Correct Craft and it defined a new wake boat segment. After 5 years of evolution and refinements it is easy to see why this boat is always high on everyones list. The G23 is a well engineered boat that you pay a premium for, and correct craft has done a great job to make you feel like it is worth that premium when you ride and surf in it all day.  With its year over year refinements the boat doesn’t need much dialing or tweaking after you buy and launch. Push a few buttons and surf.

This boat was setup stock and weighted level with a few bags of lead on the port side to counter the driver. The stock wave is consistent, and adjustable. It has a unique shape that many love,  while others do not.. One thing is for sure, the G23 should be on your list to demo.

Special Thanks to Superior Boat Repair for providing the G23.

Supra SG450

Supra has always been known for making a quality wake boat, but was not always on the top of the list for making one the best wakesurf waves. Over the last few years they have come on strong with their own surf system and their own distinctive wave which is always a crowd pleaser. The Supra SG450 is just under 24 feet long and weighs in at 5200 lbs with seating for 17. This boat required a bit of list for the wake you see and it was big, powerful, super clean and smooth.

The SG 450 interior is both stylish and functional, roomy and comfortable, and will keep your family and wakesurf friends dry and comfortable all day. The Indmar 440 engine has no problem with pulling all the weight you want to throw at it, and yet sips gas. The SG450 can easily surf all day without refueling which is just another way this boat can put a smile on your face.

Special Thanks to California Marine Sports and the guy formerly known as Malibu Dan for providing the SG450.

Tigé RZX2

2017 is the first model year of the Tige RZX2. It is both an evolution and a departure from the popular RZX3. It is a foot shorter in length and has a bit less freeboard so it should be easier to tow and store and leave you some extra coin to buy a few surfboards. Even with the loss of the foot in length, the interior feels just as roomy, even for a fat guy and friends. Tige did an amazing job with the interior of this boat and the riders definitely noticed. From the layout and style to the quality of the stitching, it is hard to find fault with the RZX2 interior.

The wave  was not quite as big as the RZX3 wave but retains its shape and personality. It has the added benefit of not needing to list a bit to achieve its best wave. I am excited to spend more time with this boat as it seems that with its refinements and some time, it may give its big brother a run for the money.

Tigé RZX3

This 2016 Tige RZX3 is a hold over from 2016 and I should mention was the official boat for wake9 for the 2016 season. It makes a world class wake with lots of power and a buttery transition. The setup is full stock ballast plus 800lbs of plug and play and about 200 lbs of lead in the bow.  This RZX3 is also equipped with the Indmar 575SC which has no problem getting us up to surf speed in seconds even while displacing almost 6 tons of water with weight of the boat, ballast, people and gear. That huge motor still has given us fuel economy averaging 8GPH over the entire year.

The RZX3 makes a great wake level, but to achieve the wake we love it requires 2-3 degrees of list.  That was my only gripe until the RZX2 came along and I got a look at the new interior.

So many great boats, new options and amazing choices. See your local dealer or visit a boat show near you for more information.

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